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Stephanie Green, Ph.D.

Educational Researcher & Evaluator

(and certified data nerd)

analysis of data

Collaboration and data are key

In my 14 years as an educational research and ​evaluation professional, I've learned that moving ​from admiring data to making data-informed ​decisions is a game changer for educational ​programs.

My collaborative approach to research and ​evaluation allows for a strong sense of ownership ​in the process, making it much more likely that ​results will be used for program improvement.

Let's dive into your data together and ensure ​your programs are best serving all students!

About Me

I'm an educational researcher, evaluator, and leader ​with a strong passion for making educational data ​accessible and actionable. I have developed, ​designed, implemented, and evaluated educational ​programs utilizing a variety of methodologies. I have ​worked in this field for over a decade at the school ​district, university, and state levels, and have my ​Ph.D. in Educational Research & Evaluation.

what i offer

Evaluating documents
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Let's work together to collaboratively evaluate your educational programs from start to finish

Data Analysis Concept
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Don't want a full evaluation? No problem! I can support you in anything from logic model development to report creation.

Data Analysis Concept
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Data Visualization

I specialize in creating stunning visualizations, ensuring that your data can be easily understood and used for program improvement

Let's collaborate.

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